Monday, March 27, 2006

Computer Lesson 101 and Now warm up to the LCD

I plan to do this post for quite a while now and after a failed post for some reason by blogspot it took me a few days before feeling like posting again.

The topis for today is Task Manager and Ctrl+Atl+Del.

Ctrl+Atl+Del is one of the earliest hotkey I had learn ever since my first experince with the Monochrome monitor and DOS :)) In the old days Ctrl+Atl+Del are use to do warm boot on computer. Which comes in handy when the machine freeze up, especially in case of Windows 3.1-Me

Now with WinXP it is use to call up Task Manager to look at the programmes and processes running of your computer.

Once Task Manager is called up you will notice that it has four tabs.

Applications: Display your current running application. Mostly use when you need to 'End Task' the not responding application :)

Processes: Display the current running processes. This is the tab that you should play with once you are experince with the computer. It shows all the running processes currently running with the size of memory usage. Also an option for you to kill the processes that you need to shut it down. Very useful in this days of adware & spyware aka Skumware.

The other two tabs are only for monitoring function.

And now with my LCD monitor, I finally figured out that I could reduce the gamma level (light level) by a notch to make all the color seems richer. I hope it will works...

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