Tuesday, March 21, 2006

British Movies: Boots and V

By chance, I had watch two movies that set in Britian within the span of three days. And here they are :)

Kinky Boots : I first heard about this movie from the TV shows that preview upcoming movie trailer and I guess it's almost obligatory to be interested in the movie that has a drag queen in it and not to mention that he/she is the important part of the movie.

It took me several days to acquire this movie once I learn that it has already been release in UK since last year. The movie, which was based on a true story, is about a man whose family run a shoe making factory where the shoes are the works of craftmen that could last a lifetime. But things change and business isn't what it used to be. So the company have to switch to niche market making sexy boots for drag queens.

A stellar performance from the black actor who plays the drag queen in the movie who also perform on stage in the movie and singing as well.

The movie as the feels of Full Monty and The Calender Girls, which give me a glimse of how things has turn for the worst in UK in some aspect.

But I got to hear a song that I like at the end credit called 'In These Shoes' by Kirsty Maccoll :) Quite a nice song to dance with in my opinion.

V for Vendetta : It got quite a good review at yahoo.com and I can see why. The story is about rebellion against a fascist regime. Starred the ever talented Natalie Portman, whose in this movie seems to serve more as a narrator or a witness to the events than anything else. And Hugo Weaving, whose never got to show his face under the Guy Fawkes mask but his distinct accent and pronunciation delivered the lines with such power and emotion that his facial expression is not required for the audience to sense his character.

It shows London in the year 2020 under a facist regime that seems to reminded me of East German and Soviet where people could disappear without being seen again and government dictates information, news and communications.

It is a Must-See movie which should be shown everywhere, especially where citizen thought they should be silence for whatever reasons.

"The people should not be afraid of their own government" - V from V for Vendetta


savante said...

Sounds like I must watch Vendetta!


ça va pas la tête said...

I love V and his voice......