Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Hit or Miss: The Comebacks of ComMarts Show

I went to Pantip again today to check the price of LCD monitors, Again...

So far I has not commit to buy a new LCD monitor yet... Mostly it concern with the price and how I was uncertain about the quality once I use it. Anyhow, when I was walking through the shops, I notice a poster of the ComMarts show.

ComMarts, at the beginning, it was one of the big IT event in Bangkok. At first, it was an exhibition to showcase new IT products. Now it turns into a trade show and sales (although not a big discount) event. I think it used to be once a year and now they seems to held it quaterly. The last times I went to the show was last Nov. and I was looking for LCD monitor back then too. The price was slightly more expensive than at Pantip plaza...

But I will go again this times. Perhaps things might be better for me, afterall they might have extra promotion other than sales.

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