Friday, November 04, 2005

The Bride with No Pulse

Despite to my tiring condition (just have 15 hrs shift from afternoon till almost dawn), I did went to see Corpse Bride today.

Eventhough it is somewhat too short it is still very good. The animation is definately improve since 'Nightmare Before Christmas' time, the bridal showl move fluidly in the wind just like in real time that made me wondered if it was short seperately. And in the very Tim Burton's way, the underworld folks are much more kind, frinedly, and lively than the living folks. Not to mention a lot more colourful.

I would love to see the overview shorts of the underworld town though... But since it was stop-motion animation it might be too much to ask for such views.

Anyhow, the animation is crisp and very fluid, a big step up compare to Nightmare..., I would highly recommend this movie :)


savante said...

Waiting for it to arrive here but I doubt it so I'll be hitting up the local dvd pirates soon.


Pete said...

I understand your sentiment... It's the same way with PC gaming here. It seems that only 10% of the release got official license and local producing. The other 90%... if you want it you either have to order it online or have your friend buy and ship it for you...

Which can't beat the cheaper, much more covenince of pirate versions in Pantip plaza :P Or sometimes the download network.