Sunday, November 20, 2005

And then there were...

None :) This is of cause about one of Agatha's classic 'And then there were none' and no I am not talking about the book but the game :)

I guess I would just skip the story part. You can find the book to read I am sure so I will just get into reviewing the game.

This game is done in traditional adventure game with static 2D pre-rendered background and 3D characters. The background scenes are typical quality stuffs, nicely rendered to pictured the moody British weather quite well. The same could not be said for the characters... All the character looks rather rough and did not blend well with the background. It is that bad that at one scene one of the character place both hands on a table and I have to look twice just to make sure that both palms are faced down :ppp

The voice of characters were mediocre and rather inconsistance. Sometimes the character talk in a rather calm voice in not so calm situations... I think the overall voice did not help built up the tension that well...

The game seems mostly stable until it crash on me when I tried to examined an item... I have yet to replicate the crash as I haven't reach that point again yet but we will see... The character also suffers (well not quite) from the 'is that a ladder in yoour pocket' syndrome of adventure games. You got to pick up a Lot of stuffs in this game, some of which are rather sizable such as blownup raft with oars and even full size ladder!!. It would surely looks rather ridiculous in real when you see this guy walking around with a bunch of books, ladder, raft+oars, wheel of cheese, and two buckets of apples.

My Final Words: It is a good story, and the makers add a good plot twist with player as the 11th person stranded on the island. I think it would have been better if more experienced studio produce this game... At least the whole package would be prettier and perhaps looks more professional. Still the game's saving grace is the story itself. Which still make the game playable and quite enjoyable. This game is probabaly the testament that Adventure games are define by being story-driven first and foremost, thus, will stand the test of time and prevail over the mindless FPS games :p

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savante said...

Sounds like an interesting game tho the graphics doesn't so good.