Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Moving Castle and Strange Passerbys

I had just finish watching Howl's Moving Castle today and boy I like this animation. Besides the well-drawn characters the story is quite intriguing.

The main protagonist, Sophie, a simple girl whose family own a hat shop had a chance encounter and fallen in love with a handsome wizard, Howl. The pursuer of Howl, The Witch of the Wastes, did not like this one bit and put a curse on the girl, turning her into an elderly woman as well as she would not be able to tell anyone that she has been cursed.

Sophie, despite being cursed into elderly state, seems to cope with the situation quite well and set out to see Howl at his moving castle. After found it with the help of a scarecrow that she had rescued, she put herself into the position of cleaning lady of the castle and thus her adventure begins.

All I can say is that this Sophie gal rockss!! She is all heart and solid determination that surely impress not just the people around her but the audience as well :) Perhaps I should looking into getting the previous work of this studio 'Spirited Away' to see...

Recently I get several googled from people looking for information about the game Indiego Prophecy. Or to be more specific, how to play it without the CD or in this case it would be DVD. The fact that these people use 'Indiego Prophecy' in their keyword mean that they get the US version of the game. One thing though... The game industry, just like the movie and the music industry, they love their product protections. But so far it only prove that it did not really working. One person's lock is another person's challenge and I guess, in a way, it work out rather beautifully. Eventually these so called CD protection scheme did not work as a safeguard against illegal copied but rather preventing the game to be play unless they have the legitimate CD in the computer. This also means that you cannot play the same game using one copy in more than one computer.

However, it just a mute point, since the cracker can be found all over the net. The treat by the companies that these sites are littered with dangerous stuffs are no big fuzz to the tech savvy generation.

As I read recently on about Sony's invasive tactic of protecting their music has been view as way out of line. The editor put it quite well in the article that if the company keep acting like this people will stop buying their crappy product and just turn to P2P which in my opinion much easier than travelling to record store and spend money on the company that did not care about their customer. And people should be concern with this news since it is 'Rootkit' tech and it installed and run active on your machine just like the spyware and adware (read scumware).


savante said...

Isn't the Moving castle totally cool? You should check out the other animations from Studio Ghibli - did I spell it right?


Pete said...

I think you did spell it right :) Right now I am 'getting' Spirited Away ;)