Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Light! Camera! Action!

Yeap I got a brand spanking new game called 'The Movies' This is another product from the same maker as Fable: The Lost Chapter and Black and White series Lionhead studio.

This game is more or less serve two purposes in one software as a typical business tycoon and a rather immersive movie making software. In game mode you will get to play as movie studio boss beginning from the year 1920. You get to manage from hiring actors and studio crews. You get to assign a movie making process and release them. You get to hire a bunch of scriptwriters to literally churn out movie scripts to be make or sell (you should get the writers to work non-stop as they have do not get tired and they will gain experince from working.) Since pretty early in the game you will get a 'Custom Script Maker' facilities. Which will begin the process of making the move by yourself.

I must handg it to the makers since the process is relatively easy to master. Add this to the 'Post Production Office' and you can add soundtrack, lipsync, and even edit the movie. This section can be pretty extensive... If you dig that kind of thing :)

However, the thing that bug me the most is the complete lag of people to be hired to be the crew. Especially, after the actors became really famous and they want assistance... When you have a big enough lot you cannot get by with just 7 builders to maintain all the set and buildings. And you can not really get by with just 2 janitors :ppp Plus, with the film crew that seems to be available with just 7-8 people as well as the number of stars, you can only make two films at the same time.

I wondered if LH will release a patch to make the people became more available... I know that this is a business tycoon game and resource management is one of the key factor. But it is rather ridiculous to manage the studio and when they asking more and more and more people. All of which you cannot spare... And this is only the year 1965 in my game... Darn it...

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