Monday, May 03, 2010

Today at Germany Embassy

I finally done the visa interview at Germany Embassy. The process was painless but it didn't went smoothly.

I was kinda nervous and their process was kinda confusing. I arrived a bit before my appointment time, got my queue card and went to waiting area. I show the card to one of the guard and he told me to wait for the call. Then the call happen I went to the guard who oversee the appointment list. When it's my turn, he jived in with "Where were you when I call for your time". To which I replied "I was already show my card to the other guard who told me to wait".

Anyway he then proceed to tell me to get inside for my interview. There were 3 booths and two interviewers. I think waited for about 10 minutes before it's my turn. The greeting from the interviewer? "Please hurry, there are other people waiting"... The interview seems to went well I think... There was a few mishap with my filling in the wrong address and using the wrong photo. But all those where corrected during the interview and hopefully I get the visa.

My passport is due to be picked up on Thursday. Hopefully there won't be any problem with that.

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