Saturday, May 01, 2010

Gleeking over Glee

I downloaded episodes of Glee a few months back, after hearing many celebrities said that they are watching it on Jay Leno show. I read up about it a bit on wikipedia and boy I didn't know that it would be this good :D

I won't go on about what the show is, you should watch it anyway. I really love the music part of the show. They have got many talent actor/singers. Quite a few are from Broadway shows, while a few others are fresh off the casting couch.

The main girl and the teacher are from Broadway show while Chris Colfer, a male soprano, who play Kurt is a fresh faced one. The songs they use are both new and old and those who sang them nailed the songs very nicely. I especially like Kurt's rendition of 'Defying Gravity'.

In the latest episode, Home, Kurt's rendition of 'A House is Not a Home' could reduce men to tears. I am related to the sense of loneliness in this particular episode. The last song, 'Home', by Kristen Chenoweth is also very touching. Especially when she closing the song by hitting the high note.

On a related issue, I love to see Kristen Chenoweth on TV :) I think she is kinda like Bette Midler in that she can act, she can sing and she is very funny. Anyway, I now sometimes play Glee episodes on my computer to listen to the songs :)


tornwordo said...

I loved that song so much I downloaded it from itunes. Such a touching rendition.

tornwordo said...

I mean "A House is not a Home".

Petie said...

I concurred :)

I love that this show will make Art hip again.