Thursday, May 27, 2010

Back to normal. Sort of

This is the end of my first week back to work. It was nice but I like the dayoff :)

The sad thing was to actually see the extend of damage of Siam Theater that was arson. It was not just a theater but a one block complex comprised of many shops from apparels to music shop and restaurants. about two third of the block was burned down and now closed off to the public. This includes two small 7-Eleven shops in the same block.

This is a vicious act of senseless violent. It doesn't matter what their cause or intention were, it is plain wrong to burn the theater down.

This theater was open for more than 40 years! It survive the rise of Cineplex and Shopping malls multiplex along with the other 2 older generation of movie theater left, Lido and Scala theater. They are survivors and for one of them to go down like this? It just make me sad.

I doubt the police will be able to catch the culprits. It was in the no man's land zone after all. I do hope karma will catch to those criminal eventually.

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tornwordo said...

Glad things have calmed down at least.