Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bangkok Curfew

Today the government announce curfew from 8pm to 6am in response to the heavy unrest after the redshirts leader surrender to the police.

Now the main road outside my house is eerie quiet. And I live on the main road, which usually have many cars passed by every now and then.

I hope the military can get control soon. Many places has been torched. A few of the biggest damage are Central World Shopping Mall and Siam Theater. That is quite in my office area. Luckily we are quite deep into the back of the area so it should be ok.

I suppose it will be highly unlikely to catch whoever did this because it happens in the heart of the redshirts stage. I do hope karma will catch up with those people eventually.

I think now the redshirts have lost any credibility that they might have. However, they seems to still be quite popular in the provinces. As the unrest spread out to several other provinces.

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