Monday, March 09, 2009

No More Japanese Suki and Waiting for the right Watchmen

Today I was reminded why this is the second times in about five years that I have had Japanese Suki. I do not like it much.

Like I mention in my previous post, it was a meat-centric meal, particularly beef, which I am not crazy about. They were thin slices, but not too fond of it. My friend loved it, according to his bf.

So I propose another Japanese restaurant. A Japanese grill house this times, in Victory Monument area. I will probably do it with them in a couple of weeks.

I also wants to see Watchmen but the movie is not shown in the ex-IMAX theater in the cineplex near my house. Nor it is playing in the current IMAX theater in Paragon either... I wants to watch this movie in big screen like the old days with two decks seats.

The only theater like that left are in Siam Square area, which is quite far for me. We will see... I am planning to buy 24" monitor anyway. I will be one of the movie that I will download later for sure.

PS: It is so hot right now... I can't wait till rainy season...

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