Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Day I Handed out Cans of Whopped Ass

Today I did a lot of follow up on various issues which still not resolved in my office. The ongoing process of Formica resurfacing bookcases, the broken projector, the car exhuast fume that came into the a/c vent, and the strangely high counter number of the new photocopier.

I have manage to express my displeasure with the way things are on the first three issues, which still goes unresolved for a couple weeks (The car exhaust problem is longer). Especially the bookcase resurfacing and projector cases. The resurfacing issue is by now, a week late. The work is just not up to par, the current carpenter just not have enough skill to do it neatly. After working on it for 2-3 days. I finally had enough and ask the vendor to send better personal who have enough skill to do the task. The new carpenter is said to come in on Friday morning.

The car exhaust fume issue is also a big problem for my office. So far, the problem has been handle rather poorly (in my idea at least). Since the building techinicians still cannot figured out where the leaks happen. Since it only happen after other normal office hour, as other office workers went home, their cars congested in the back of my floor and the fume gathered. After giving me non-specific "We are looking into what/where/how to fix the problem", I finally told the contact person to give me update every two weeks regardless. I considered this is serious issue. It is unacceptable that this happen, not to mention the rather nonchanlant attitude of the maintenant crew.

I call to follow up on when will we get back the projector. The supplier was not much help because they also have to send the projector to HP. So I decided to ask for HP contact number and do the follow up myself. After calling them a couple fo times, asking for specific finish date, express my displeasure with their service and some hardline questioning, I finally got a confirmation that the projector will be ready to pickup tomorrow.

The photocopier issue was a lot easier to handle. The saleslady who visited the office today had figured out the reason why the counter is so high. If bypass feed tray was used with default configuration the machine will count it as two pages. Maybe... it will also count double when the A3 size pages were made. I will have to check this out when the techinician comes.

All these incompetent raised my blood pressure. Although I partially enjoy railing on these people who seems to unable to give me the specific date or solution to my problem. Of which, then, it became their problem. I suppose this is my learning not to take crap from people and demand of them what I need.

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