Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I've watched the Watchmen

I spend Monday hanging out with a fan of my blog :) Despite the minimal number of people reading this, I do have a good fan :)

We meet up in MBK and wandered around the area. I mention the movie 'Watchmen', he said he had watched it a couple days ago but badly jet lag and slept through half the movie. I said I wants to watch this movie in big theater, like the couple deck theater in the old days or IMAX theater. As it turns out, the IMAX theater in Siam Paragon is showing Watchmen, so we went up to buy the tickets.

Since I have not read the graphic novel, I cannot tell how much of the movie stay true to the original source. However, I feels that the movie is, somehow, looks very real. Most of the 'Superheroes' did not seems to have special power other than highly trained fighting skills. Except for Dr. Manhattan of course. I couldn't shake the feelings that the movie feels *real* somehow. The way the characters interacts, the way they think and how they behave. Although some of the characters seems rather simplistic in their behaviors.

The looks of the movie did not feels over the top, although many of the action sequences were. Some of the scenes were very violent, one was particularly grusome. Interestingly enough, they only censored the frontal package of Dr. Manhattan but not the behinds of all the people who show them :P

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