Wednesday, April 09, 2008

From Phoenix to Apollo

After finishing two of the Phoenix Wright series and starting on the third one, I tried the fourth game as a change of pace and continue to see it through. I finish it just last night :p

This game take place 7 years after the third game finish. Instead of playing as Phoenix Wright, we played as Apollo Justice. At the beginning of the first chapter Apollo is a rookie attorney defending a client. The client is non others than Pheonix Wright who also have a daughter, a gifted magician name Trucy!! Who was disbarred and became a pianist as a front for being a mster poker player. During the first chapter, as it turns out, Apollo's boss was the murderer of the case!.

You will meet few of the old casts from the previous games who are all grown with new sprite, sans one quirky character :p,.

There are four cases in total in this game. The first one is also involved with the fourth one and the fourth one tied up all the circumstances involved with how Wright got disbarred seven years ago, how Trucy became his daughter, and how the murder in the fourth case involved with the murderer in the first case. The fourth case is probably the best case of the series, with all the twists and turns and complexity of a good crime novel. It is all unfolded to shows how each events links together which results in the downfall of Phoenix Wright and his scheme to find the truth and turns againts the plotter/murderer. As it turns out, the motive of the murders stem from pettiness of the murderer that started by that seven years ago case.

The game, however, is not without flaws. In my opinion, it still suffers the same slow texts, linearity, and tricky trigger events that make me stuck unless I read walkthrough. There was, literally, no back story on Apollo at all. No friends, families, or backgrounds mentions. Except for a little mention, in passing, from another character.

Overall it was an enjoyable experinece. While, the gameplay is nothing new, the story is very strong and since this is a story driven game it compensate for other weakpoints.

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