Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Darwinia VS Loki

With the boredom of not having new decent game to play for a week or so, I was delighted to find that a new game 'Loki' has been available and the screenshots looks interesting enough to try. However, the screenshots can be quite deceiving...

I was expected that it would be more like Fable: The Lost Chapter or maybe Oblivion in perspective while in face it was more like Diablo series with the zoom function that can zoom in from bird eye view to behind the character view. Overall, it was not quite enticing for some reason... Maybe I became jaded for this type of game or maybe the game was not really up to par... I still remembered that the first times I play Diablo 2, I actually finish the first chapter the night I play it and I think I might have play it for 3-4 hour straight. Sounds crazy I know, I get like that sometimes with good game.

Meanwhile I finally have the urge to try Darwinia, the second game released from the studio that create the cult hit Uplink.

The graphic is, just as it appears in the screenshots, slightly premitive. It was by design of course, and it make the game small, yet, charming. It also goes along with the story of the game as well. So far I was playing through two maps and it succeed in getting my undivided attention.

So it seems that I will probably uninstall Loki from my computer soon to concentrate more on Darwinia.

I highly recommended Darwinia :)

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