Saturday, August 04, 2007

Wii and Mii

My younger brother bought his own Wii console a couple of nights ago and boy it was Fun.

I only tried a couple of game for a bit since it was almost midnight. It was VERY FUN and I had only tried the Boxing game in Wii Sport. Again, it was very fun, you actually have to move your arms around and standing up too to play the game.

I can honestly say that if you play the game daily, you can actually loose weight and got firmer arms :p

The Mii function is also fun. You can customize you own character for Wii Sport game and other game that can use it. And when you complete the Mii character creation the later one will greet the first one :D

If you can afford it, or have a family, I highly recommend this console :) Just the Wii Sport alone is worth the money.


savante said...

But it's freakin expensive!

Petie said...

My brother said it cost him about 17k baht in total, including two set of controllers, 15 games, rechargeable batteries, and the modified console (enable it to read pirated game)

It is quite costly in comparison to other consoles in the same generation. Especially when Wii is suppose to be cheaper than the others. But the benefit of having to move your body a lot when playing it is good for you :)