Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sleeping Aid

Today I came home from another 12 hours shift, although I felt tired I decided to stay up anyway. It was not a smart decision but the weather was hot... It felt like Summer is in full strength here.

Anyway, for the title, I think I will share with the readers a couple of tips that is said to help falling asleep.

1. Banana Ole with Honey: I read a health article about the food that help you fall sleep since they are loaded with Tryptophan is precursor of Serotonin which is the hormone that make you feel calm and therefore sleepy. In that article it mention several foods that has high level of tryptophan, although I remember the few which can be a good nightcap recipe. The items are: Warm milk, banana and honey. Warming the milk will make break down the component in milk to increase tryptophan which make it more effective. Add warm milk, banana, and honey into blender as you like and drink it :) Not only it's delicious, it would be quite healthy as well ;)

2. Body heat re-regulation: For this one I read it from Reader's Digest, which tells you about how your body works when you are about to sleep. According to the article, when sleeping, the body will re-regulate the heat from the center of the body to our limbs instead. Knowing this you can imitate the scenario by perhaps wear socks or hold on to a hot-water bag to simulate the sleeping heat pattern. It was said that this might help you falling asleep.

Sleep deprivation is bad to you across the board. From weakening the immune system to make your heart beat faster as your body is less efficient in oxygen transferred all of which can leads to serious health issues. I hope this post is helpful :)

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