Sunday, March 11, 2007

My Trip to Pantip

My mom wants to buy a new Monitor to replace the one belongs to my younger bro. and sis., as that one will be taken to replace another monitor elsewhere.

So today we three, me and my two younger bro., went shopping at Pantip plaza. I went because I wants to finally buy a flash drive, my first younger bro. wants to buy his computer, and the youngest bro. went to help looks at monitor because it will be for the set that he use.

We went separately, as I was eating my breakfast :P, to Pantip. I walked around quickly and check out the price of flash drive in different shops. Finally I settle on Kingston 4Gb Datatraveler, with the lowest cost of 1,060 baht (without VAT).

My younger bro. spent quite a lot of money for his new computer... He got Intel Core 2 Duo, 7600GT graphic card, aluminum tower case and 19" LG L1960 Monitor.

However, my youngest bro. has his heart set on another new 19" LG Fantasy model. It does looks quite pretty, with shiny black frame and red light decor. However, it is expensive and beyond my youngest bro. needs. We tried to talked him out of buying this model. We tried threatened, bluffed, coaxed, and nothing works since our mom back him up on this. Until one of the shop owner that we know explain the monitors spec to him. However, the model that he has his eyes on is the same one as my younger bro. which he already bought the Last one... So now he went back to the same expensive model again.

We are not please with this, but we had tried our best...

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