Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Busy March

As I look upon this month I realize that I will be quite busy, too bad it was not going to be filled with men every other days...

Of big events, there will be career expo on March 16-18, of which I seriously need to check out. And then on March 22-25, there will be ComMart Expo, the tech sales events. I recently realize that the price of flash drive has drop tremendously since after new year. My younger bro. seems to went to Pantip on Monday and told me that he found some flash drive with 4Gb that cost only 1,000 baht!! I will definitely buy one of this. Unless they have larger flash drive with reasonable price :dd

Also on the movie front, 300 will be release on March 8, and Ghost Rider on 22.

I am going to do some job applying and I still have two vacation days left which needed to be use before April 1. It is going to be a busy month and I hope I will have some good time squeeze in it.

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