Saturday, March 24, 2007

Afternoon with a Funny man :)

Today, as I promised, I went to see a new friend with talented tongue.

He is a New Zealander, who has been traveling the world for about two years. According to him, he has been to about 40s countries already and looking forward to do more.

The man really have an interesting family background. He regaling tales of his family members. How his mom's best friends were all her dad's ex-girlfriends at one times, how she tell people at the club that she doesn't have any children or grandchildren because she doesn't wants to explaining about them and how his mom have no needs to looks at weather reports on TV because every morning his dad would stand, stark naked, on the balcony scratching his balls and he can predict the weather of the day Correctly.

Needless to say his family is a big Hoot :)

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