Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ten Reasons Why I Like Being a Guy

From time to time, it would occur to me that I felt lucky to be born a guy and not a gal. And here are my Ten reasons why I like being a Guy :)

  1. I own three pairs of shoes and that's OK.
  2. I do not have to spend a fortune on make ups and clothes. I get to spend that on food and computer instead :P
  3. I gets to keep my hair real short and gets to wash it daily without spending another fortune on shampoo. Then I gets to spend that money on shower gel instead :P
  4. I can finish showering within five minutes when I needed to and still looks as fresh as I take 15 minutes shower.
  5. I can be a computer geek without people judging me.
  6. I only need one backpack whenever I go out, instead of numerous handbags in every color for every occasions.
  7. I can eat large amount of food and people won't look at me as if I commited a crime.
  8. I gets to like a lot of mangas that are intended for male fans.
  9. I can keep a large collection of porns without feeling weird about it.
  10. I gets to have a lot of sex without worried about getting pregnant :P

I wants to tag this to a few friends of mine... But I am not sure if they will play along or not... Well I wanna tag Paul, Joel, Searcher (if he still blogging and have the time), and Torn :)

1 comment:

tornwordo said...

I'll try to play along, but no promises! Aren't you glad you don't have a period? I think that's my number 1 lol.