Friday, February 09, 2007

The Chill Has Gone

It took about 2 to 3 days for the weather to change from the comfortable chilling to the usual uncomfortable heat of Bangkok.

It does not come back in full scale just yet, although I guess it will in a couple of days. I switch from sleeping in large loose t-shirt and slick pants to shorts and tank top now. From sleeping under a blanket And a quilt to one thin blanket.

I wondered how the weather will be during this time next year...


Stephen said...

By 'chill' I'm guessing that it wasn't as cold as the minus 2 degrees that it was here last night.

So how cold can it get in Bangkok? Both times I've been it was really really hot - mind you both visits were in April.

Petie said...

Hehe you just happen to visit BKK in *The Hottest Month*?? :P That month the weather can shot up 40+C

For the pass few years, around Nov.-Dec. it will be our coldest month in BKK. The weather could get down to 15C at night. There was this one winter that I was sleeping in my bed and breathing rather uncomfortbly because it was so cold that it make me felt like a fish in cold water.

Stephen said...

Yes, I did know that April was supposed to be the hottest month before I went.

The first time I went I chose April deliberately, because I wanted to go to Chiang Mai for Songkran (and it was so worth the hot weather!)

After that though I told myself that Songkran was fun, but if I ever went to Thailand again it would be at a cooler time of the year. And yet the very next year I was back in Bangkok in April because I ended up stopping over in BKK on the way to Bhutan, and I wanted to be in Bhutan for the big festival in Paro in April.