Saturday, February 24, 2007

Very Very Funny Clip

Another gem I have found on YouTube and boy was it Freakishly Funny!! I was not aware of this incident... But Mr. Sulu sure does have the last laugh on this one :)

He certainly is inspiring :) I remembered reading an article, on Reader's Digest if I remember correctly, about how George Takei helps a Star Trek fan quit smoking. This particular fan met Mr. Takei at some convention and ask him why no one was smoking in the show. Mr. Takei replied that by that time in the future people no longer need cigarette for any reason anymore as they were beyond that point. The fan was very impressed by the explanation that he quit smoking soon afterward. If you wants to see how funny Mr. Takei can really be be sure to search on YouTube with 'takei roast shatner', you will not be disappointed ;)

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tornwordo said...

I agree that was funny!