Friday, May 08, 2009

Schengen Visa Application

Per my plans to visit Prague and Amsterdam in late July, I went to do my visa application at Netherlands embassy yesterday.

The odd thing, for me at least, is that they seems to have small office to receive the visitors. Only about 15 people waiting inside the A/C room and about 4-5 people in the inner room waiting for their turn to be interviewed. I have to wait outside for about 5 minutes before an officer get into the booth and do the initial check of my papers. Then I was given a queue number before I could get inside.

The wait was not too long but surely not that fast. The *interview* itself was more not that probing... Just how long I will travel, where will I stay in Amsterdam, and that's about it. They request more documents regarding my friends' passports. I was able to get those last night, so I went to the embassy again today to drop the paper off. They said they will contact me on Monday to tell me the result. I hope that is a good sign that I will get the visa. If I got the visa, I will also have to get an insurance and show that paper when I pick up my passport. They give me a list of companies for this. I am still deciding which would be the best choice...

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