Friday, May 15, 2009

Nature's Wonder and Slight Tweaking

A friend of mine who started out as a fan of this blog had sent me these photo (he is the same guy who sent me the vintage Valentine's card). He said they were nesting near his house so he take photos of them as time passes. As you can see, they are hummingbirds :)

Aren't these looks like pictures from Animal Planet channel? :)

I also have replaced the header to something more related to the link name of this blog as well as the background which I am not too fond of.

It's been raining everyday this week. Which is great for bedtime. Luckily I only walked to and from work so it did not bothered me. Tomorrow will be another busy day for me... As well as this weekend.

I will have to prepare for my interview, pickup my passport, pay for my plane ticket and insurances and prepare for my interview *Ugh*

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