Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Leo In Me

Although I was born under Leo sign, I never felt particular extrovert or any of the typical Leo's traits that you would read about in the astrology articles. Especially that I am the dual fire sign one. Both my Chinese Zodiac, the snake, and my zodiac are of fire signs.

However, it seems that I did had it in me after all. Late afternoon the previous day in my office, we had another car exhaust fume coming into the office. It was particularly bad because the rain was falling heavily and the cars that leaving the parking lot were backing up behind the office where the A/C ventilation was located. I called the maintenance asking for a technician to come up to fix the problem. It was after 17:00, so only one or two technicians left on shift. But after about half an hour, no one came up. I finally had it and marched down to the maintenance room and found two technicians watching TV.

I called out "I Need one of you to open the A/C unit room, Now" The younger one get ups and follow me back to the office. I explain what I need him to do and have him to it. He later told me that he was not on duty.

Today, I informed their boss that my office still have this problem. He spoke in a patronizing, dismissive manner that either intentional or simply his normal manner. When he said that I will help with this issue. This made me through the roof. I proceed to forcefully tell him that we do not need his help but rather him doing his job properly.

The problem has not really been solve as it happens again around 11:00. So I call the maintenance again. After 10 minutes, I called again to tell them that no one came up yet and if no one came up in 10 minutes I will go down there to get someone myself.

That seems to make them step up their game a bit and sent someone up.

I feels that it is time to take gloves off, no more mister nice guy for them until the problem is really solved.

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