Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Rain Had Fallen, Finally!

This morning I stirred up and greet by the sound of rainfall outside my room. The first sign was how I pull the blanket up to cover my legs.

It was gray almost all day today, which is lovely!! It bring down the temperature nicely, just when I bought a new white work shirt for summer :ppp The bad news, however, is that the new shirt is not wrinkle free type. And it looks more obvious with the

The chair and the desk works nicely. It seems to have overall space more than the old one. This one is wider, though narrower in some area with the wavy rim design but it looks nice and the curve in area allow me to push the chair in.

However, the chair itself create a problem I never thought of, sweating. I actually soaked the seat of my boxer shorts and the back of my tank top by sitting on it for a certain period of time. So I am now on my flat cushion again just like with my old chair. Although my butt feels a lot better because I now sit on a lot softer surface.

I am looking forward to 4 working days this week as Friday will be holiday. I will also have to step up my things for my visa application next week.

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