Wednesday, April 08, 2009

News Update

Today the head of HR department call me to give me more info about the process of my job *promotion*.

It turns out that the job will be posted internally first. This give me the advantage to get the position. Since it would be most likely that I will be the only one applying for it. But this does squash my dream of the ideal scenario where a perfect external candidate comes along and the head office would wants to have him while let me stay in the branch office. However, it seems that my moving will be inevitable, provided that I would get the job. It is the company's policy that promotions will be considered through application process.

The process will take longer than I first thought. Since the interview was said to be happen around mid May. However, the move will likely happen, eventually...

The update, while still filled me with terrible dread, did not affect as bad as when the boss confirm the news. Although the more I think about it, the worst it make me feels. But I will need to concentrate on this for at least a couple of days to write my application. At least if these were finish within two days, I can rest my mind easy for a few weeks before the interview.

Part of me wants this to be done with other parts just wants to sleep and forget the whole thing.

I do not wants to move, one of my aspiration is to decorate my office for Christmas again and again... But I will just have to think positive, let the angst wash away and not bother me more than it already has. I also have to remind myself that I will be most likely visit my branch office rather often. I will have the time to do this. I am sure I will have some leave day left to visit later to buy more stuffs and use them to decorate.

I know it sound whiny of me to bitch and moan about this. After all, I will get paid more, with more responsibilities that should be good for my career and perhaps better future. While many others loose their job and have to look for jobs in this economic climates. Not to mention that the raise turns out to be quite a considerable amount. Almost one third increase from my current salary base. Which would more than enough to absorb the traveling cost and the meals which would be considerably more expensive in that area. Still... I would rather be in my current position than move.

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