Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Holiday Post

I had spent most of my holidays so far at home and did not go out much, other than the mandatory meals time.

Mostly this is because of my lack of friends and desire to go out and partially because of the red-shirts riots. My mom called me a at least once a day to check on me during the riot. At first I was thinking about a rendezvous with my funny friend from New Zealand who is back from India. I have not seen him the last time he come back.

I am also looking at B&B websites and info in Prague to plan my trip. But all that I could find are quite expensive rate if about 60-70 Euro. However, I am started to find some decent price range on a website. I just sent emails to ask my German friend and my boss about those hotels.

Hopefully I will hear back from them soon. The booking needs to be done before my visa application interview.

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