Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Template Options

Or rather the lack of options that is...

While I like blogger for it's ease of use and that the blogs that I read are also on blogger. The choice of templates are just pitiful. It seems that there were any additional template ever since I join, or simply a few that just add variations to the existing ones.

I have search for the right third party templates, found a few that I like, decided which one I would use (a three columns type). I still have no installing it.

Since, in doing so, I will lost my sidebars. In the old template style I can simply copy the sidebars part in the html code and paste it in the new one. However, in this new template style, everything are in more complex code. I did figured out how to save the sidebars code, even if just to be my references of what I current have.

I also asked a favour of friend who has a web design company to help change the colour of the template that I choose to be more to my liking. He still haven't got back to me on that... I understand that he is busy with his *paying* jobs.

I figured now that it is new year, I will finally install the template. Although now that I am browsing for the template again. I wants to have a 3 columns template with blue and dark colour style.

I still kinda beat after the New Year's Eve plan. I am still have not kick the sore throat yet. I will be working for two days and then it will be my weekends again. I will install it during that time.

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