Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Chilly Weather

Even though we are moving into second week, wait... We are already in the second week of January!! The weather still has no return to the warm tropical that is usual of Bangkok. Instead we have a cold front that felt like London, even a bit colder than in London's summer!!

The weather forecast widget that I use in my Yahoo page say that Bangkok is 17C in temperature! My room is rather drafty and with tiled floor it can get quite cold. Last night I wore two t-shirt and turn off the fan. I wore a long sleeves one over the modal one that I have been wearing almost nightly since around Christmas. I seriously thinking about buying a long sleeves modal t-shirt but I think I will wait until it is on sale.

I also considered buying a thermometer so I can see how cold it really is in my room. Right now it just chilly and I do not know exactly how cold it is...

Shower time is not fun. It was too cold even for my new warm shower machine. Although I would say that the new shower head helps quite a bit. However, sleeping is quite comfortable though...

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