Monday, January 19, 2009

Slightly Random Rambling

Another weather post, I hope no one is bored with this yet, but then not many people is reading this.

The weather seems to warm up quite a bit. At least when the night is still young. The bad is that it can gets really cold in the morning. Which means I have to be careful to use the quilt and blanket as well as wearing appropriate shirt to make sure I will not get sick.

Chinese New Year is coming up and my family plans another gathering. The venue is still being decided, not sure where yet.

I am quite bad at keeping myself occupied during the weekend... Next week should be better though, since I will have the evening plan (the family gathering) and perhaps also going out on Friday night. Something that I haven't done in a long time. Especially now that I work Saturday morning. Which means that I will use Chinese New Year as my reason for using my leave day on Saturday.

I seems to watch less TV now. I used to be a big SitCom fan but now that many of the SitCom I was a fan of has either finish or cancel. Even the one hours drama show began to finish off... I seems to watch them more on my computer now.

Which seems more the reason to buy new monitor, the 24" one :P The new monitor would not quite fit on my current table though... Include that to the new mobile phone I am planning to buy, the whole thing will be around 25,000 baht. It seems crazy that I am also plan to go to Prague and Amsterdam including all of this. However, it will not be soon that I will buy the 24", at least not until the price drop below 9,000 baht, hopefully.

Well this is quite a long rambling. I guess I will publish it for now.

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