Monday, December 08, 2008

Nantida and My New Big Purchase

Nantida Kaewbuasai, is one of best voice here in Thailand. She is also one of the few Thai singers that I really like. Instead of liking the usual pop idol, I prefer the adult contemporary sound. The MV below is one my favorite song. The song that, back then, I could not find on the net. So I have to went to a place where you can order songs to make a customize CD and ship to your place.

Too bad that the original version of this MV seems to be long gone. This is the karaoke version, hence the big letters. This is one of the saddest song that you can felt without understanding the language (I think)

About my big purchase, I just spend 4,190 baht on a warm shower machine. For those of you who was wondering what does it do, it just do as the name said. It warm the water for your to shower. Why do I need such machine in tropical country of Thailand? Because it can get rather cold here and my old one did not have enough power to warm the water up. This new one is really great.

I must say I enjoy my shower more than before, because of the warm shower with 5 adjustable levels shower head :)

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