Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Decoration

First I must say that I did not realize that I will have to do a fair bit of crafting in my job, since after all I works in an IT position. But there were times when I have to make stuff for real and not just make it happen on computers.

What happen today and yesterday was not directly related to the first paragraph, only slightly. I asked my boss, the office manager, last week that I would like to buy Christmas decorating stuffs for the office. Especially for our Christmas tree. My boss approve of the idea, so I spend Wednesday (our public holiday) shopping for the decors at 2 superstores and one department store. I bought banners, tinsels, ornaments, Christmas lights, streamers, etc. I felt a rush of accomplishment while I shopped for these items. Perhaps knowing that I did well, I gets to shop, and I will claim the expense later :P

I spend the first half of my workday put up all the decorations. I began with the Christmas tree by put up all the ornaments and light strings. I have bought some very beautiful gold and silver glittered wrought ornaments, clapped on holly branches, red and golden Christmas flowers, blue ornaments with gold threads, and another set of golden and silver glittered wrought ornaments. I also braided 3 tinsels together to make them more eye catching to hang in front of the counter.

Then, I waited for one of the teacher who said that she would like shop for the office decor as well to come to the office so we can go buy more stuff. However, after she arrived, she said she had a lot to do so she won't accompany me. Which turns out to be for the best, since the nearby superstore did not have the cheap tinsels that I wants to buy. So I hopped on the motorcycle bike and went to another superstore that has them. This is also good because the second store also have a lot of streamers and banners to choose from.

In total I spent about 1,700 baht to decorate the whole office area. I got some compliments for the rest of the staff :) The boss is also pleased, which is perhaps the most important :P

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