Friday, February 15, 2008

Madea Goes to Jail

I watch the entire play of the clip in my previous post and I Like it!

It was very entertaining play and like all play it was musical. These black people sure can sing :) Especially the lead actress (the protagonist not the antagonist) .

Madea is a great character, even more frightening when Tyler Perry, who play Madea, is a 6' 5" big black man under the fat suit and the wig (Watch the clip below ;))

The Oprah show that recently aired on my cable shows the episode of 'Why Did I Get Married' in conjunction with Perry's appearance. During the show it was said that Perry have the sell his house and move to a new place because the fans know where it is due to the fact that it was use in 'Diary of a Mad Black Woman'. Since I have not watch that movie, I figured that it must be a normal house. However, I recently saw the 'Making of...' of the said movie and found out that it was a Big F*cking house. I guess he did pretty good with all his plays and movies :P His hard works sure paid off.

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