Monday, February 18, 2008

Back into the Galaxtic Fight

I recently acquired a new Space-Theme RTS game 'Sins of a Solar Empire'. My experience of playing this game has been quite unsettling so far.

The gameplay reminded me a lot of the old classic 'Master of Orion' with quite a number of differences of cause. Basically both are the same kind of game. You start out on your own planet, then began to amass a fleet and colonized empty or occupied planets. Then continue doing so until you concured the entire map.

I first try this game out at 'Normal' level and I was soon being outnumbered, especially by the pirate group who will raid your colonies every 10 minutes or so on a countdown. The pace of this game, while slow in not quite accurate though quite close, is being drag out... In comparison to MoO, Sin take quite a lot longer to finish the map, even in the small size map with 12-14 stars to take.

I restart a new map last night with 'Easy researcher' AI opponent... and I progress along nicely. I had put in about 4 hours or so for this small map with 14 stars and I managed to colonize 6-7 stars so far.

Graphically the game is beautiful. Although, just like most RTS game, you will not zoom in that close that often to take in beauty. As for battle, Sins requires little to no tactic to win the battle, only numbers and varieties of the fleets. I guess the game focuz is different than Homeworld, this game even exclude the Z axis.

Overall it is an enjoyable experience. It will sooth my game withdrawal nicely and help quell the urge to buy DS Lite. However, the game will be quite time consuming to finish each map and that will not be good for my sleep time :p.

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