Thursday, February 07, 2008

A Long Day Yesterday But A Good Day :)

Yesterday was quite fun. I met a new friend and made a new friend (hopefully) And here is more detail.

I had chat with a guy on a while back, he said he will come to BKK for the first times and I offer myself to show him around :)

I show up at his hotel and I was surprise that he is on a stocky chubby side... The photo he send, only face shot, was cleverly done in in half face that you couldn't really tell :p Although I thought about having a hanky panky with him, that idea quickly faded and the tour begins.

I first show him MBK mall, where we had lunch and he done a bit of shopping. Then we walked out and we walked through Siam Square. With me narrating a bit if history of the area. And then we walked into Siam Paragon. I quickly walked him to the supermarket area. I figured it will be more interesting for him, since he cook and a vegetarian. We sample a few things and I encourage him to buy instant noodles :P

Afterward, upon his leads, we walked all the way to Central World. But since we already been to two malls I walked him into Narayana Phan instead. Narayana Phan is an old three stories malls selling traditional Thai products. In a way I guess it can be called a tourist trap but the place looks rather old and out of fashion...

Then I walked him to the famous Erawan Shrine. He taken a few photos and after thinking of which place to show him next, we boarded a taxi to Sri Mahamariamman Temple in Silom road.

This temple is quite popular among Thais, regardless of their religions, who visit the temple to receive blessings and pay respects. The temple itself is construct in Madurai Gopuram style, albeit a lot smaller, but still as colorful and beautiful.

During the tour he mentioned his shopping list that include local stamps for his grandma who collect stamps. I remembered that the Central Post Office is not far from where we were so I suggest we go there next and Was I Wrong :pp

It was a really long walk, so long that we could take a cap. But we finally got there and he got his stamps for grandma :)

Then we walk back toward Silom Road. On the way we stop at a stamp collection shop to see if he might buy something else or not. And then we stop at a rock shop, where they sell different types of rocks and precious stones. My eye caught on a whitish color ring among the stone. I picked it up and feel it in my hand. I realize right away that the ring is Agate ring, just like the ones I used to have and still manage to keep the last one. The shop owner said it is 20 baht so I wear it and pay for it right away.

Then we went back to his hotel and hang out. Later on I make a new friend :) He is from Belgium and he is in BKK often so I hope to see him again soon :)

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