Monday, February 09, 2009

Here Comes Summer

Summer has finally arrived, though I have been kinda missing it, the thought went away once I am *in* it.

Today the sun shone bright and hot when I walk to Central Ladpraw for my meal. I did a bit of shopping today as well. Buy some more discounted shower creams, toothpastes, and face cream. I think I will buy one more item tomorrow since the discount was like 70% :)

I have also been playing game quite excessively. Been binging on 'Evil Genius', albeit, cheating heavily :P

I have also been playing quite a few DS games namely 'Big Bang Mini' and 'My World My Way'. There will also be a couple of games that I will play once they got released as well.

Tomorrow I will be having a pizza buffet at Narai Pizzaria in MBK with a friend. It will be the first times I do pizza buffet. Narai have buffet on late Thuesday afternoon only. The food there was quite ok and I am looking forward to eat them through. I hardly eat pizza, mainly because they are quite expensive here and not really filling, not to mention fattenning :P I will eat only light lunch tomorrow to make room for the buffet dinner.

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