Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Drill and The Summer

The fire drill when along nicely today. The drill finish within 12 minutes, which is a good time. However, all the students were herded into the front lawn of the nearby furniture shopping mall and broken one of their ground spotlight in the process.

The shopping mall people was quite understanding and only asked us to pay for the damage. Which turns out to be relatively cheap for the office.

Summer started to show it's ugly side here. My room started to become hot. The heat seems to emit from my bed and my bedroom floor. Then the mosquitoes began to show up. I had bought an electric mosquito zapper for this purpose.

Oddly enough it felt relatively cool when I woke up. I wondered if it's really the weather or if it just my body readjusting the sense of warmth itself when I slept.

Anyway, tomorrow is my weekends, I am looking forward to wake up without using the alarm.

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