Thursday, November 06, 2008

London in Retrospect

This post is looooooong overdue. Mostly due to my procrastination, the fact that the photos from my new camera is almost 2 MB each, which took quite sometime to upload. But now here it is.

What trigger this trip based solely on my current employment situation. The very fact that, British Council is my employer. Which entitled me to have many leave days, the office is close by that I have no transportation cost, and that I now have a bonus (for the first times in my life), allowed me to even start thinking about traveling.

My initial thoughts was that I should start in London, since Grace and CA was there, in addition to the fact that my employment should help with the visa application (which it seems to do the trick). I also think that with UK visa, which is said to be difficult to get, it should help with my future trip as well, as far as visa application goes.

I finally made the trip and my thought had changed from nonchalant attitude "I just wanna go there just to have UK visa stamp in my passport" to "I think I will go back there one day". I did had a nice time during my stay and I felt like I would do better next times. Like go out more, see more places and meet new people. I did not do much in the last part...

While I was in London, it felt like I could actually live there. Of course that was just an illusion, since I am not sure how I can cope with the winter. I already wore thick t-shirt and jeans in their summer! Not to mention the lack of washing hose in the toilet. I still do not understand why it is not popular. They can do it in Doha, with warm water even!!

The real kick in the nuts, however, is the currency rate. The pound has became so weak that today it is about 55 baht per pound, 11 baht cheaper than when I made the trip :~(. I am still unable to sell my pound yet with this rate :(.

I must say again that I am very happy with choice of lodging. You can find the place at this link He was a gracious and generous host and I will be using his place again, if I still have not find someone whom I can stay with for free :p

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