Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Games Reclaiming My Time

Lately my time had been occupied, not by reading, but by games.  It was a bit of a change to be honest.

First, it was Final Fantasy: Dimensions on my Galaxy S II.  It was throwback to the classics FF game style in their NES and SNES eras.  What did not help, was that I lost my game saves when I flash my phone to Jelly Bean 4.1.2...  I should have redone all backup and not just update it.  Well, nothing I can do about that now though...  I am slowly playing it again with more insights on which directions I should take for each characters.

Second, Mass Effect 3: Citadel DLC.  Like many reviewers and comments were posted about this DLC pack (4.5 Gbs in size which was like a whole game a few years ago), it was the biggest fan service of the highest order.  Dialogues were filled with inside jokes (Traynor's Toothbrush, ), ripping of the commander, reminiscing the fallen comrades and tied up a few loose ends (James showing his finished N7 Tattoo, Thane recounts what he was doing between ME2 and ME3, and connecting with team members.)  It was fun going back and learning all the missing pieces of their stories and such.  I finished the Citadel DLC in one afternoon and realized that in order to really get the whole story, I will have to played more Priority missions to meet all the members so they will showed up in the DLC.  So I did all that and now ready to complete the DLC again.

Third, Plague Inc. on Android, I heard about this game on KUEC pod cast so I give it a try.  It was...  somewhat fun.  The brain worm was fun to play as you get to infect the world *Then* enslave the humankind.  The other disease was quite difficult to determine how to win.  Other than the brain worm, the other common disease play through required a certain balancing act.  The objective is to eliminate all humankind.  The operative word here in *all*.  You will have manage the disease so that it will infect and then kill everybody.  Otherwise, the research for cure will began and you won't have enough time to kill everybody.  I must have played almost 10 tried before winning the first scenario.  After about five loses in the second scenario...  I will probably cool it for a while.  The game was a huge battery drain though.

Fourth, the impending StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarms.  I love game with story and StarCraft have enough to be a saga.  I am looking forward to learn what will happen to the rescued Kerrigan and where will this next arc lead her to.

So the reading will go on back burner for a while.  At least until first week of April in which the next book in Cut & Run series, Touch & Geaux, will be released.  I am really really really looking forward to that book.

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