Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Recent Activities

I know I have been lagging on posting (for almost a year now?)  I didn't realize that when I bought Kindle that it will also eat up the blog time as well :P

Kindle still works wonders.  Although it started to show some tears and wears due to accidental drop to the ground.  I am glad I got this cover when I bought my Kindle.  I am thinking that I will order the Kindle Touch when I went to US later this year for another Southern Decadence.  This time I will be seeing another friend in SF.  It would be a nice change from underwhelmed New York trip.

I have also been playing The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim for quite a while now.  Overall I feels that the experience is tighter than Oblivion.  Maybe because this time I didn't download too many mods and mostly just focusing on playing through different quests.  I haven't progress much on the main quest yet as I am still happily wandered the towns doing various quests.

This time I just abuse the console command to make the game more fun for me :P.  It helps that there were less gay romance novels released for Kindle that I have got time to play Skyrim.

But also because of Skyrim and Kindle, I haven't watch Dexter season 6 yet.  I planned to do that during the Christmas break but then both Skyrim and Kindle took most of the time.  I think I might try to finish Skyrim main quests in a few weeks so I will maybe went back and finish L.A. Noire.

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khunbaobao said...

I still enjoy the "feel" of a real book, but the kindle is easier to hold and naturally more versatile. I tried a kindle this weekend and like it, but I'm still not sold. Maybe later this year.

Glad to see you back posting!