Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cutting Cable

My TV time have been eaten up to almost non-existing after I have got my Kindle. So after wasted my money on the cable TV fee for two months I finally cancel the subscription.

It wasn't too much of a hardship since I still seems to be in the honeymoon period with Kindle which kinda surprises me a bit. Besides I was getting tired of getting screwed by the company for not given me any sort of incentive or promotion. Eventhough we have been their customer right from the beginning. And they only start making concessions, some lame ones at that too, after I call to say I am canceling.

So now I save a fair amount of money from canceling the cable. I download shows I wants to watch from internet now anyway. Eventhough Kindle still take away the time I need to watch those shows. I have a sizable backlogs of shows I still wants to go throughs.

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