Monday, June 20, 2011

Novels Tally and Kindle Battery Impressions

This is the fourth Kindle post in a roll... I guess this is the reflection of how Kindle still eat up my time of late.

After I have got my Kindle I start reading, almost obsessively, until now. I think I can start ween off it a little bit as other activities still waiting for my attentions. So far I have finished 'Demonica' series (5 books), 'The Hollows' series (9 books), 'Cut & Run' series (3 books so far and I am really looking forward to the new one later in the year). I highly recommended the 'Cut & Run' series for those who likes gay romance novel). I also like 'Zero at the Bone', another gay romance novel about FBI witness on a run with a hitman who did not wants to kill a decent man. Another gay romance, 'Warrior's Cross', is also quite nice. It didn't have much actions, both in and out of bed, but I find the story seems to keep simmering and goes to boil from time to time. I guess this one speaks to me since I can identify with the main charater is a loner who lead a quiet life.

After I got Kindle for about 3 weeks, I started to notice that the battery seems to went down to half, 4 days after fully charged. I was mildly alarmed at first, thinking I might got a lemon second handed one. Then I stumble upon a recent article on that compare Kindle battery life and Nook's. Turns out that when Amazon tout 1 month battery life on Kindle, it means an average of 1 hour of reading per day. Also, they mention a battery test that with one page turn per one minutes, Kindle will last for 56 hours. In my case, I probably read about 6 hours a day or more. I read on my ride to and from work and in my bedroom until about midnight or later. Not to mention how I sometimes sneak some reading time at works :p

With all the clarification and calculation, it's no wonder why my Kindle battery reduced to half in less than a week. I guess I will just have to charge it more often that I intitally thought.

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