Sunday, June 13, 2010

The eve of my Germany Trip

I am going through list of things in my mind of things to do and what I should buy for my trip that will begins tomorrow.

I have got a couple of cool t-shirts and a cool fake diesel watch (with chain attached). The funny thing is the watch is cheaper than the t-shirt :P I am thinking about buying a couple of snacks to put in my backpack. Thinking back I don't think I was a snack person... Lucky me I suppose...

My mom will take me to the airport again. Hopefully the next times I am on a trip, to Australin in early Dec if things goes as planned, I will be able to use the BTS, MRT, and the Airport Link system. I will time our ride to the airport this times to see how long it will take. The Airport Link system will definitely be faster and cheaper than the other methods.

I am a little nervous.. Since this trip was kind of a rush compare to other trips that I have made before. But I intend to enjoy it nontheless. It's a shame though that I will be seeing Munich less... But then I think it would be enough for now to see the Merianplatz, the same one that I have seen from "Gabriel Knights: The Beast Within" game.

So expect lots of pictures. I will be away for a week with may or may not have a chance of blogging along the way.

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tornwordo said...

Have a happy safe trip!