Monday, April 12, 2010

The Returns of the Building Leaper

I finally finish Assassin's Creed II a couple of days ago. It certainly was a fun game to play.

The story seems to continue right from the ending of the first game (seems because I never actually finish the first one). After Lucy help Desmond escape the bad guy's compound, she take her to one of the assassin's safe house to have Desmond use the Animus again, not only to utilize the bleeding effects to train Desmond to fight but also find the clues to the Templar's objective.

The gameplay as whole feels much more fun than the first game. A lot tighter and can be quick pace if you choose to focus on the main missions. The missions themselves, however, are not very varied but spaced out quite nicely.

The character models are the most expressive among the games I played lately. The facial expressions were done very well.

The game made quite a buzz for having the most uptight DRM system, the kind that required you to be online all the time to play the game. This DRM system is quite effective. None of the usual scene group come up with a proper crack for the game. However, all are not lost, by the efforts of some Russians group, a server emulation was created. The setting were done to fool the DRM system into looking for the server on IP and the fake server program will feed the necessary value to the game, enable it to progress.

This emulation came out about a month after the game release. Quite understandable, since there were nothing like this before. At first all hope were lost because none of the scene groups release any working crack. The game publisher said that if a working crack came out they will release a patch to stop the need for internet connection. The pirates are successful in circumventing the DRM. But the game itself was not crack in anyway.

I wondered how the publisher will react to this. Since the game now can be played offline but the DRM system itself is not broken, just rerouted.

Anyhoo, the game itself it fun to play, it looks great, and it set in Italy!! They use Italian language in the game as well, which I like. I may play the game again to get memorize some of the words and line to use when I went to Italy next year :)

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