Thursday, February 04, 2010

Back to more *regular* post

Like I wrote in the previous post, I will probably have to start a seperate travel blog. Otherwise I seems to lost the motivation to post anything else.

I had a 4 days weekend last week, the weekend transition period. So I decided to use this opportunity to do the overhaul on my computer. This will be a total upgrade. Since I planned and ended up replacing every parts in in the case, including the power supply. Also, I decided I wants to use Windows 7 64 bits, I also have to replace my simple ADSL modem with ADSL modem router. This is something I have been resisting to do for a long time. I simply do not wants to muck around with the setup and what not.

Now I have Intel i5, with 4GB RAM, nVidia GTS250 and Western Digital 64mb 1.5TB harddisk + 1Tb + 750Gb. Now Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age: Origins run smoothly :)

So on Saturday I went to Zears Rangsit with my mom who also wants to go there to fix one of the computer from her shop. Over all, it was 3-4 hours before the overhaul is complete and Windows 7 installed.

It took me two days to completely transfer the files from my replaced harddisk to the new one, setup all the programs, getting used to Windows 7, and working the router. It took me a long while to make the utorrent WebGUI works but it finally works today. I will definitely export the settings for safe keeping tonight.

I only start searching for solution for my webcam driver. I found a few possible leads which I will try later tonight.

I will also do a game reviews post soon.

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