Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 6 Tuesday: Final Day in Prague & First day in Amsterdam

I woke up, wash up, went to breakfast, swipe a bunch of tea from the tea station and went back to my room to finish packing.

Then I leave the hotel to get to the airport. I went to the subway station, the one that's downhill from my hotel and the one that I walk through quite a lot this trip. I decided to buy the ticket for the ride since I did not want to risk it. I was traveling with a suitcase after all, so I will be noticeable.

The trip to the airport went smoothly. Although I got off the bus at terminal 1 instead of terminal 2. So I ended up walking quite a distant to the right one. There was a security check at the inner terminal entrance. I ended up finishing my water bottle before reaching the entrance. Inside there were some duty free and souvenir shop but I did not buy any.

I arrived at my gate well before the boarding time. So I playing game on my mobile phone. My NDS almost ran out of battery because the stupid charger short-circuited on my second night at the hotel.

It was a fairly long wait but eventually it was boarding time. The plane ride was smooth, the snack was the same croissant sandwich as my arrival flight. I eventually my phone ran out of battery. I was panicking a bit, thinking how will I contact my friend now.

Luckily he was waiting at the terminal exit to pick me up. We got into his car and he drive back to his house. My friend's house was only about 5 minutes walk to one of the tram stop, which makes city exploring quite convenience for me. He shows me my room for the week. It was quite small but enough for temporary stay and it had a computer with internet connection :) I went into the room, used the computer a bit, and settled down.

Before diner time my friend take me to the near by supermarket to introduce me to how to buy and use the stripe ticket for the tram, the best way to get into the city. Then we went back, his husband finishing with dinner preparation and we start eating.

Later that night we went into the city where my friend shows me the gay district and all the bars and what station to got off, to get back, where to buy cheap food and what's to looks for.

After a bit of crash course of life in Amsterdam and hitting one of the gay bar which has been renovated recently, we went home around midnight and I went to bed.

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