Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My Current Situation

I must say that I am quite satisfied with my current employment situation.

I have, literally, zero traveling expense, as I walk to the office. The colleagues are quite lovely (All of the Thai staff are women, except for yours truly :P) they do treat me well. I gets to be part of meetings, related to my area of responsibilities. I can offer my opinion, be appreciated for it and it gets implemented. I gets to contact suppliers and requesting price quote. In many ways, these works make me feels... like I am actually having a career. Something that I never felt before.

Other perks, for me at least, is the relatively relaxing lunch hour and the fact that the office is closed to Central Ladrpaw, where I can go to for lunch and buy mangas as it arrived. I Love this arrangement. Not to mention that, for now, the workload is quite light. So light that on someday I have nothing to do at all :p

I am looking forward to working here as well as the prospect of using my employment status to easily get Visa to visit the UK :D


Stephen said...

Good to hear it's working out for you.

Is it normally difficult to get a tourist visa to visit the UK?

Petie said...

I have heard that it used to be as difficult as getting a tourist visa to US. Although, post 9/11 I guess US will be even more difficult now.

I also heard that it would be best if you have a UK resident to write you invitation letter, supposedly to state your intend and whereabout.

But in this case it will be quite easy (from what I was told) since my employer is also under British Embassy :D